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How to Cite Sources in MLA Format
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Oct 03, 2022
10:03 PM

A critical response paper is an important type of academic writing assignment in which a professor expects an analysis, interpretation, and synthesis of the reading assigned for critical response. The name of this paper may seem daunting to you, but like every other type of essay writing service, it is doable with just little practice and background knowledge. So, instead of avoiding the process of learning about this type of paper, push your limits a bit and see what you achieve.


For your help, I have come up with this post in which I will give you an extensive walkthrough of the entire process of writing a critical response paper. By the end of this article you will know exactly what to write my essay and do to become a pro in these papers. To make things easy for you, I have divided the entire process of writing such papers into easy yet simple 15 steps. So, even if you are a beginner essay writer, you will understand the process easily.


Critical Response Paper


Before I talk about the advanced level details of a critical response paper, let me first help you understand the basic concept of it. A critical reason paper is a form of paper in which the writer gives a reaction to essay writer and creative content such as an article, movie, or song along with analysis that critically evaluates the piece and justifies the writer’s opinions or perceptions.


As the name of the paper signifies, this piece of writing should “critically” evaluate the creative content which means that both the flaws and the strengths must be identified. Besides, personal biases must be kept aside during the assessment.


15 Steps to Write a Critical Response Paper Like a Pro


Below are the steps that always helped me during my college days when I had to compose such papers. I always made sure to follow these steps when I had to write my essay and the outcomes were always impressive. I hope you find these steps helpful as well.


Identify the purpose of the critical response paper


The first step in the prewriting stageis to identify the main reason behind writing this paper. Usually, the purpose is to explain and persuade the audience on a certain opinion regarding the topic.


Understand the audience


Next, the writer should identify the audience so he/she could understand its expectations for the paper and deliver accordingly. Without the knowledge of the audience, a student would never know whether what he or she is writing is correct or not. Usually, the audience is the teacher or/and the class fellows.


Choose a topic


This is another step of the prewriting stage. If your professor has not already assigned you the topic then in this step you choose an appropriate topic that suits your audience’s interests and meets their expectations. To find a good topic, you can always take help from an essay writer. This service provides the best topic ideas that can help you exceed your teacher’s expectations and attain higher grades.


Conduct preliminary research


Once your topic is finalized, conduct preliminary research and find sources that may help you during the writing process. Finding credible and relevant sources is crucial in building the worth of the paper and justifying the writer’s opinions.


Content Selection


After conducting preliminary research, finalize the key elements of the topic that you want to focus on in your paper and then select the content from credible sources that your paper will highly rely on.


Annotated bibliography


This step is optional if your professor has not explicitly mentioned writing an annotated bibliography for all the sources you will be using in the paper. However, it is suggested that you write an annotated bibliography even when it is not mandated by your teacher as it will help you in developing a thorough insight on all key aspects of the topic.


Compose a thesis statement.


A thesis statement is mandatory for this kind of paper, and it is suggested that you compose a rough one before writing a rough draft or outline of your paper. Once the paper is written, compose a refined version then.


Weigh the evidence


To ensure the logical sequence of presentation of ideas, all the evidence must be weighed based on the tentative thesis statement.


Develop an outline


It is highly recommended to create an outline before writing the actual paper. Outlines make the entire writing process ten times easier as thoughts are already developed and just need to be expanded and logically organized.




This is the actual writing process. In this step, you prepare the rough draft of your critical response paper. It is suggested to not aim for excellence at this step.




The next step is to proofread the rough draft and look for possible mistakes in it. I am sure there will be tons of it.




Edit the mistakes in your paper that you highlighted during the proofreading stage.


Individual revision


Once the paper is fully written and edited, go through an individual revision process and improve the entire meaning and structure of the paper.


Collaborative revision


The next post-writing stage is to ask help from a third person to view your essay as self-criticism often does not catch errors due to biasedness.


Ask for feedback


The last step is to always look for feedback from your professor or peers. It helps you to understand your shortcomings and improve in future similar assignments.

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