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Tai Chi Academy of Los Angeles
2620 W. Main Street, Alhambra, CA91801, USA
Group Classes reopen May 1st,2024

We are going to reopen Group Classes May 1st, 2024

There are three group classes every week and you can choose your preferred time to come.

There are three options you can choose from to pay tuition. 1) $350 for three months. 2) $120 for every four weeks.  3) $30 for each 90 minutes lesson

For those who pay quarterly or monthly the tuition is the same regardless how many classes you come. We encourage you come more times so that you learn more and practice more.

All group classes are designed for all levels. The first comers or beginners may feel overloading or frustrated when you just jump into a class. But trust me, as long as you stay, you will learn. The teacher will spend time on you. And your fellow classmates are always willing to help you too. Besides, no one is required to remember everything taught in class. Take it easy. Relax and have fun. 


Group Lesson Schedule: 

  • Friday  6:30-8:00pm - 
  • Wednesday  2:00-3:30pm -
  • Sunday 2:00-3:30pm -

Note: We reserve the right to update and change the above