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Sep 30, 2023
3:11 AM

Chart-Topping Hits: The Latest Hip Hop Music Rankings

Hip hop, with its rhythmic beats and captivating lyrics, has consistently dominated music charts around the world. The genre's ability to evolve and stay relevant has allowed it to produce hit after hit, making it a driving force in the music industry. In this article, we'll explore the latest rankings of hip hop music, highlighting the chart-topping hits that have been making waves recently.

1. "Stay" - The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

"Stay" is a collaboration between Australian rapper The Kid LAROI and pop sensation Justin Bieber. This catchy track combines elements of hip hop with pop and features relatable lyrics about the complexities of modern relationships. It quickly climbed the charts, becoming a global hit.

2. "Industry Baby" - Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow

Lil Nas X, known for his boundary-pushing music and visuals, teamed up with Jack Harlow for "Industry Baby." The song's infectious beat and lyrics addressing the music industry's expectations and rumors resonated with audiences. Its success on the charts solidified Lil Nas X's status as a chart-topping artist.

3. "Good 4 U" - Olivia Rodrigo

While primarily a pop artist, Olivia Rodrigo's "Good 4 U" incorporates elements of hip hop production, including trap-style drums. The song's emotional lyrics and energetic sound made it an instant hit, demonstrating hip hop's influence on contemporary pop music.

4. "Butter" - BTS

K-pop sensation BTS's "Butter" is a testament to the global reach of hip hop. While the song is primarily pop, it incorporates hip hop elements in its rhythm and flow. "Butter" topped charts worldwide, showcasing the genre's influence on music beyond its traditional boundaries.

5. "Hurricane" - Kanye West

Kanye West's album "Donda" produced several chart-topping hits, with "Hurricane" being a standout track. The song's introspective lyrics and atmospheric production struck a chord with listeners, earning it a prominent place on the charts.

6. "Way 2 Sexy" - Drake ft. Future & Young Thug

Drake, a hip hop heavyweight, teamed up with Future and Young Thug for "Way 2 Sexy." The song's playful lyrics and infectious beat quickly propelled it to the top of the charts, reaffirming Drake's status as a chart-topping artist.

7. "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" - Lil Nas X

"Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" by Lil Nas X generated immense buzz upon its release. The song's provocative lyrics and genre-blurring sound made it a cultural phenomenon. Its chart success reflects the genre's ability to push boundaries and challenge norms.

8. "Peaches" - Justin Bieber ft. Daniel Caesar & Giveon

Justin Bieber's "Peaches" seamlessly combines R&B and hip hop elements. The song's smooth production and lyrics about love and nostalgia resonated with a wide audience, earning it a spot on the charts.

9. "Family Ties" - Baby Keem ft. Kendrick Lamar

"Family Ties" is a collaboration between rising star Baby Keem and hip hop icon Kendrick Lamar. The song's energetic beat and thought-provoking lyrics showcase the intergenerational talent within the genre. It quickly became a hit on the charts.

10. "Sicko Mode" - Travis Scott

While not a new release, Travis Scott's "Sicko Mode" continues to maintain a strong presence on music charts. Its unconventional structure and blend of different musical styles highlight hip hop's capacity for innovation and experimentation.


Hip hop remains a dominant force in the music industry, with chart-topping hits that captivate audiences worldwide. These songs reflect the genre's ability to adapt, evolve, and incorporate elements from various musical traditions, making it a truly universal and influential genre. Whether it's a collaboration between hip hop and pop or a boundary-pushing track that challenges norms, the latest hip hop music continues to set the standard for chart-topping success. As the genre continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic landscapes, we can expect even more chart-topping hits that redefine the music industry.

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