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Press release provid
Sep 08, 2022
2:52 AM
Cision's pr newswire is a service employed by certain PR professionals to release press releases. However, figuring out the amount you'll need to pay for the service can be confusing.

Things like extra-priced additions or their membership may cause you to wonder what you'll be required to pay at the final.

Here's a short guide to pricing, which is based on research conducted internally and a handful of third-party websites to give you an approximate estimate of the cost of the pr newswire will cost to distribute an announcement.

PR Newswire pricing overview
Membership costs
This is the actual price of the press release
Additional multimedia add-ons and logo
Total cost for sending an announcement using the PR Newswire (example)
PR Newswire alternatives

Note: This information may not be accurate 100. To get the most up-to-date PR Newswire pricing information, try to connect with their sales department.

Costs of membership

To publish a press release using PR Newswire, you'll need to first sign up for their annual membership, which costs $95 or $149, whichever is your invoice.
However, it does provide access to many potentially useful features like:

24/7/365, professional concierge services, and support for customers
Training on the phone and webinars is free for all primary services.
Re-authentication every quarter of your company's "authorized senders."
Access to free Premium Member-only webinars, which will help you effectively use your content to reach out to your target audiences.
And many others.
However, if you only want to send out an announcement to the press, you'll still need to pay the membership fee. As per PR Newswire, membership is not a requirement.

Actual press release price

Let's see how much it costs to send the actual press announcement.
PR Newswire will charge you between $350 and $8700, depending on how much the publication is distributed.

These prices are for a standard press release of 400 words. Every 100 words will be charged an additional, beginning at $140 and rising to 2200 ($22 every word! ).
Distribution of the press announcement locally or across all states will cost you $350 if you want to target your top markets, or regionally can bring the cost to $575. Sending your press release across the country will cost you around $805.
PR Newswire also has international distribution options.

They were expensive. However, they start at $1200 to target the US and Canada and increase to $30000 in Asia and Europe and up to $7700 to reach the world.
Because of the rapid rise in the cost of distribution, as you expand the reach of your distribution, it is wise to consider whether you'll need to disseminate your press release throughout the country.

What is the cost to mail a press release using PR Newswire?

Once you understand the expenses involved, let's add them to estimate what you'll spend.
You're trying to send an official press release to the national media outlets in the US.
It was only $1000, including the membership cost. With the logo you choose and one additional image added, the cost rises to $1820.
The price of using PR Newswire will vary from press release to press release, but at minimum, you'll pay $545 to join an entry-level press release service.

PR Newswire alternative options

If you're seeking a way to distribute your press release without extending your budget using PR newswire, There are plenty of cheaper options.
The simplest way to do this is to pick a lower-cost media release distribution company or mail your press release to media contacts interested in covering similar stories.
If you're interested in learning more, you can read more about the differences between them in the article on choosing the ideal distribution method for press releases.

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Sep 24, 2022
3:22 AM
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